Thursday, 27 August 2015

Laser Eye Surgery - 4 Months On

It's over 4 months since I had laser eye surgery to correct my short-sightedness. And I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it was the best decision I ever made. Why?

  • I can fall asleep wherever I want
  • Hay fever season was a dream
  • I got in the sea, and got salt water in my eyes without a mad panic to remove contacts
  • I can watch TV in bed
  • I can see to the bottom of the garden from my bedroom window
  • I can wear sunglasses
  • I can stay out late without wearing glasses
  • I don't get dry lens irritation from air conditioning at my desk
  • I camped at a festival without worrying about lenses
  • I can rub my eyes
  • I can drive my car without glasses

    ...and so much more. It has been worth every penny of the £2795 I paid, and I would recommend it to anyone.

    You can read about my consultation, surgery day and recovery here.

    Wednesday, 26 August 2015

    Lately I've Been

    Missing Meg. Our old girl had a stroke last week, and unfortunately we had to have her put down. She was almost 14, so was at a very good age, but it's still strange to see Ruby without her kennel mate. 
    Hanging out with Princesses. Specifically this one, with tattoos. 
    Loving Piper, and the joy a puppy brings. Although Dad has renamed her 'damage.' O:) 
    Drinking gin! Specifically, Bath Gin, after Dad and I found ourselves at the Bath Gin Festival a few weekends ago. Total accident, I promise...We even bought posh tonic.
    Stitching a new project! 
     Working what feels like every hour of the day. Most nights after finishing work, I spend a couple hours on wedding photos. Tired Rosie!
    Visting my Grandparents, on their farm. I was so lucky to have a farm yard as my hide and seek ground growing up, and it's fun to see Amelia enjoying it too. 
    Celebrating future plans with coffee and cake. Ash and I had a really positive meeting with the bank, so our homeowner plans no longer feel so far away!

    Tuesday, 25 August 2015

    6 Years : Cabin Hideaway in the New Forest

    To celebrate 6 years together, we booked a couple nights away in a cabin through Air BnB (here). Last Wednesday, we drove down to Bournemouth, parked up at the BIC and wandered in the rain down to the Pier. I think we spent almost a tenner trying to win a Princess toy from the grabber machine, but no luck :(

    Lunch was burgers and lager in 60 Million Postcards, then a game of mini golf in the rain. Ash beat me for the first time! The rain was really pouring, so we headed back to the car and began our drive to our little cabin.

    We pulled up outside a house in Neacroft, Bransgore, and walked around the corner to be greeted by the sweetest looking little cabin ever. We let ourselves in and were amazed but it's cuteness - think Cath Kidston ditsy prints, polkadots and cherries.
    It felt like the perfect little hideaway. We spent our evening eating microwave meals, drinking Budweiser and watching telly, snuggled under blankets with our feet up on the coffee table. The next morning we woke to cereal, toast, orange juice and tea, before getting ready for a day in Lymington.

    After walking around Lymington high street, we stopped in a cafe by the Quay to refuel and avoid the rain - sausage sandwich for Ash, a piece of rocky road for me. Our plan was to then go crabbing, but the rain really started to lash down... so we retreated to the pub! Prosecco cocktails for me, Guinness for Ash.

    After a couple hours - and a bowl of chips - the rain eased, and we bought ourselves some bait, a net and line and went crabbing! We managed to catch a few, and put them into the bucket of the boy crabbing next to us to make it look like he'd caught more ;)

    After an hour or so, we donated our kit to other crabbers, stopped off for ice cream, and drove back to the cabin to get ready for dinner. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy our anniversary meal that much (and I'm really not a picky eater!) so when we arrived back at the cabin, I enjoyed a second meal of peanuts and Prosecco.

    On Friday, we spent the day at Go Ape, the tree top activity trail! We both loved the adventure, and I still ache today... I wasn't confident enough to take my phone with my to snap photos, so you'll just have to image how I look with my rope burned hands, clinging onto a net, trying to climb up to a platform. It was a great sight...

    For our first Air BnB experience, I was over the moon with our cabin, and can't wait for our next Air BnB adventure.

    All photos taken on my iPhone.

    Monday, 17 August 2015

    A weekend at Boardmasters

    I made a last minute decision to buy a Boardmasters ticket from a friend, and I am SO glad I did. Last Friday at 8am, I set off for a 4 hour drive from Somerset to Cornwall for what turned out to be one of the most fun weekends I've had in years.

    It's not often that I spend lots of time with the girls, so a whole weekend with 2 of my 3 faves was a treat. We laughed SO much. 

    We were blessed with amazing weather, which meant Lauren and I spent ages swimming in the sea at Fistral Beach - something I haven't done in the UK for years.
    We watched Faithless, Bastille, The Darkness, Clean Bandit, Sea Sick Steve, Lucy Rose and loads more. A far cry from the music I am used to at a festival! We watched the sun go down from the shisha bar, ate our body weight in junk food and drank cider like it was going out of fashion. I managed to relax and enjoy myself, camping in a freezing cold tent in Newquay with some of the best girls in my life.  

    Another tick off my 20 before 30 list!

    Thursday, 2 July 2015

    My First Glastonbury

    For 24 years, I have lived 30 minutes from Pilton, home to Worthy Farm and the Glastonbury Festival. But I'd never been. Why? As an 18 year old wanting to experience a festival, the Reading line up was the one more Rosie-orientated (Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead vs Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Blur). Plus Ash had already been to Reading twice before, and I felt comfortable going with someone who already knew the festival. We had a blast. I have such fond memories of that first Reading, and together we went back another 3 times. Our last Reading experience, (which I wrote about here) was so different to the others that we decided to give 2014 a miss. But I missed it. I missed the all-day drinking, incredible food stalls, seeing bands and comedy and praying for sunshine. Last Christmas, our local paper advertised Sunday Glastonbury tickets for locals, so we figured enough was enough, it was time to go. We applied for tickets with my parents and found out in January that we were successful.

    Our ticket price included a bus from the high street, so we had to walk 10 minutes into town first thing. Easy peasy. As soon as we stepped off the bus at Glastonbury, I sort of gauged the vastness of it. It is HUGE. You could fit Reading inside it a bazillion times (ish). So many people had told me stories about what goes on and how long it takes to get from A to B, but I underestimated that completely. It was a bit muddy, a bit drizzly, but hey - we were at Glasto. Ash and I cracked open the first ciders of the day (Mum and Dad not so easily convinced) and off we stomped in our wellies ready to experience the Greatest Festival in the World.
    We spent the first few hours getting our bearings (including a visit to Jacket and Jill, the jacket potato school my nieces primary school run - they took the photo above), and then settled into a nice spot in front of the Pyramid to watch Hozier (with a burrito).

    There was a gap of a few hours before Twin Atlantic on The Other Stage, so we went exploring and ended up in the Greenpeace field. Well, that was fun. There was a brass band on a boat with a death slide... in the middle of a field in Somerset. Dad went searching for something gluten free to eat, whilst Mum ordered pizza, Ash found a chair to chill in for a bit and I sent a postcard to his Grandparents. From a festival. We saw a disco ball hung up in the middle of the woods. We saw kids asleep being pulled around site in trailers decorated with feathers and fairy lights. We saw fancy dress of every sort, hippies and city folk, sunburnt people, drunk people, drugged people... that was when I realised how Glastonbury attracts people from all walks of life.
    The next few hours are a blur. Maybe it was the cider, the weary feet, the heat... we wandered around the Circus fields and Avalon. Mum and Dad headed off to Lionel Richie, whilst Ash and I wandered back to The Other Stage for Twin Atlantic, one of my favourite bands of the last few years. They were great. The sun shone, the cider was sweet, we were dancing and singing... we even bumped into our friends from Reading festival! Towards the end of the set we went back towards the Pyramid to catch some Lionel, but WOAH the crowd was huge. We couldn't get in. We stood back by the toilets, singing "Hello" as loud as we could. Then we went to the infamous cider bus, and sat in the sun waiting to meet up with my parents.
    A band from our town, The White City Shakers, were playing at the Avalon Cafe (photo above), so we walked back up there to watch them. The cafe had tables and chairs, a welcome rest, and the band played so well to a decent crowd. We wandered around the helter skelter, bumped in to more friends from home, and then made our way back down to The Other Stage for Jamie T, one of our favourites.
    Eventually, we met up with Mum and Dad again, watched a little bit of The Who whilst eating sugary donuts, saw The Buzzcocks play 'Ever Fallen In Love With Someone' in Left Field, walked back to The Other Stage to see what the Chemical Brothers were playing, then decided to head in the direction of the coach pick up poing, via the John Peel stage. Just as we got to John Peel, the compere thanked everyone and wished them all a safe journey home, then played Frank Sinatra's New York New York. The tent was buzzing, everyone singing along and kicking their legs. I'm so happy we saw that.
    Midnight came and went, and we piled onto our bus back home, feet tired, eyes heavy, slightly drunk... We were really knackered. Here are my FitBit stats for the day...
    So, what are my thoughts on Glastonbury?
    1. IT IS HUGE. Really huge.
    2. I don't think you can go to Glastonbury just for music, as there's a chance you won't get around to the stages in time to catch the acts you want to see. Planning in advance is essential.
    3. Best choice of festival food ever!
    4. We barely saw half of it in a day, and I imagine those who stay for the whole weekend won't see the whole thing!

    Will we be back next year?     Undecided, for now...

    (Photos taken by me or my Dad using our phones)